Helping you get fitter, stronger, and more injury resilient in a way that is tailored to you.

Online exercise coaching & physiotherapy.

Phil White

Doctor of Physiotherapy

Bachelor of Applied Science (Exercise & Sports Science)

We all want to be fit, strong, and move freely without pain.

But these problems often get in the way:

  • There is so much you feel like you should be doing that to do it all optimally, it would require unreasonable levels of time and effort.

  • Just when you get gain positive health momentum, injury, sickness, a work deadline, caring for someone else, or travel brings everything to a screeching halt.

  • There is so much conflicting information on what is good for you and what is bad for you that it becomes so hard to know if spending your time doing the right thing.

I have spent a decade professionally (and a lifetime personally) learning everything I can about the body and brain to help my clients (and myself) overcome these problems.

Now I want to do the same for you.

Cameron Girdlestone

2 x Australian Olympian Rower 

2016 - Rio de Janeiro - Silver Medal 

2021 - Tokyo - Bronze Medal

" I have known Phil since connecting back in 2018 in my pursuit for Olympic Gold in Tokyo 2021. 

Phil’s level of knowledge and expertise of human performance and recovery is best in class and allowed me to train and compete at my best day in day out as I prepared for the Olympic Games. 


Phil and I are currently working together planning and executing a strength and conditioning program tailored to my goals and what I want to achieve and I feel very well looked after. 

Phil has an incredible wealth of knowledge and expertise working with some of the best trainers in the world and has successfully been able to use these experiences to help his clients achieve their goals. "


The Free Exercise Accountability & Support Group

• A place to share all of my educational content with the goal of providing you with all of the knowledge you need to live your healthiest life.

• A place that celebrates and rewards consistent action - no matter how small (unlike I have seen with many people who use Strava where they are often embarrassed to post "unimpressive" workouts).

• A daily check in post, leveling system, and leaderboards that lead to rewards.

Price: Free!

The Retire Strong Project - Start Strength Accelerator

A 7-day online group coaching experience to help you start strength training in a safe and simple way.

What's included?

Thorough assessment via online consultation =$150 value

Program implementation online consultation at the end of 7 days =$150 value

1 week of unlimited messaging for questions and exercise technique video analysis while you go through your at home strength program =$100 value

Total value = $400

For the first 50 participants while I test and refine the process:

Launch special = $60.86

(If you have private health insurance for physiotherapy in Australia, you will be able to claim back on this cost)

Price: $60.86 AUD total for the full 7 days.

Why $60.86?

This is the Base Daily Fee - the price of 1 day in a nursing home in Australia if you have zero assets.

You can calculate your daily rate here - Click here

I certain if you implement even a fraction of what is taught in this course, it will pay for itself many times over.

The Retire Strong Project - Membership

Limited time launch bonus:

The first 20 people to join will receive a custom program consultation valued at $247 AUD.

Access to my custom exercise prescription app with:

  • A library of exercise programs designed for a range of specific goals, experience levels, and time constraints

  • Habit tracking

  • Exercise load & recovery tracking

  • Nutrition tracking via integration with a complementary Cronometer gold level subscription (usually $15AUD/month)

    • $60.86 discount on 1:1 consultations
    • Fortnightly Q&A recordings
    • Exclusive community
    • Free + 1 to get access to the app to make it easier to make your exercise social

Price: $60.86*AUD/Month

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Payment Info

Group Coaching Program

• All of the membership features +

• Custom program with unlimited revisions
• Monthly 1:1 goalsetting & milestone calls

• Twice weekly coaching calls for Q&A and exercise technique video analysis

• Unlimited messaging (<48hr response time)

• Weekly review & accountability report

Online Exercise & Health Coaching

Together we build an effective & sustainable approach to health and exercise that is tailored specifically to you and your needs.

By taking you step by step through my framework below.

What's included?

• Weekly or monthly 1:1 call (depending on package)
• Custom program with unlimited revisions
• Unlimited messaging (<24hr response time)
• On demand exercise technique video analysis so you always feel confident with your technique

• Monthly 1:1 goalsetting & milestone calls

• Weekly coaching calls for Q&A and exercise technique video analysis

• Weekly review & accountability report
• Creation of personal health dashboard with load tracking

Weekly Package Limited to 10 clients at any one time.

7/10 spots currently available - as of May 7, 2024

One-Off Consultations

Online Physiotherapy (Physical Therapy) - Non-USA clients only.

30, 45, 60, or 90-minutes appointments available.

Exercise & Health Strategy Session - Free for a limited time - Beta testing.

30-minute review of your free report received after completing the Exercise Audit Questionnaire

Custom Exercise Program Set Up

60 minutes

Too many options and not sure what is right for you?

1. Book a 15-minute free discovery call and we can figure out what is the best option for you.

About Me

I am a physio (physical therapist) based in Sydney, Australia.

In 2023, I closed my clinic to focus entirely on my online business.

My aim for this business and for my life is to help as many people as I possibly can develop a sustainable & enjoyable approach to exercise and health.

I have worked hard to distil all of the lessons from my:

Formal education (DPT +B App Sci (ExSp) + Dip Rem. Massage)

Practical education working under some of the best strength & running coaches in the world

Professional experience working with hundreds of clients over my decade in healthcare

Professional experience working in professional sport and with elite athletes

Personal experience of being a high-level athlete for periods of my life

Personal experience of being completely lacking in motivation and love for exercise, usually as a result of injury

I have turned those lessons into a framework that I am calling The Retire Strong Project.


What is life coaching, and how does it work?

Life coaching is a dynamic and collaborative process focused on helping individuals identify and achieve their personal and professional goals. It involves a series of one-on-one sessions with a trained life coach who provides guidance, support, and accountability. Coaches use a variety of techniques and tools to help clients gain clarity, set actionable goals, and develop strategies to overcome challenges. The coaching process is highly personalized, tailored to each individual's unique needs and aspirations, and it empowers clients to make positive changes in their lives.

How long does a typical coaching engagement last?

The duration of a coaching engagement can vary based on individual goals and needs. Some clients find value in a few sessions focused on specific issues or challenges, while others may engage in longer-term coaching to achieve more substantial personal or professional transformations. Typically, a coaching relationship may last anywhere from a few months to a year or longer. It's essential to discuss your objectives and expectations with your coach to determine the best timeline for your coaching journey.

What makes [Your Life Coach Company] different from other coaching services?

[Your Life Coach Company] distinguishes itself through a client-centric approach that prioritizes your unique needs and goals. Our experienced coaches are dedicated to providing a supportive and empathetic environment that fosters growth and transformation. We also offer a wide range of coaching specialties, ensuring that you receive the expertise that aligns with your specific objectives, whether they involve personal development, career advancement, or relationship improvement. Additionally, our commitment to flexibility means that our coaching adapts to your pace and preferences, ensuring a transformative experience tailored just for you.

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